Privacy policy in Yellow Better

By browsing this website and sharing your personal details and information you hereby agree to terms and conditions stated in privacy policy.

Data that we store

We divide user information into two categories: personal, which can be identified with particular member (user) and general (bulk) which do not refer to any particular member (user). Personal data can contain such information as name and surname, e-mail address, credit card details and telephone number. We may also collect and process some demographic data, such as age, sex, geographical location, language, time zone, income and education (some of the required information may be optional). We may process or reveal general (bulk) information in unrestricted way.

Use of data

We collect personal data so that our website related services are more useful, and to monitor the process of orders. If we have any questions or enquiries regarding your order we may use this information to contact you. We will also use ttis information for internal purposes, such as surveying user’s preferences and improving customer support within the website.

We may link (?) your personal information to information from other sources in order to improve the quality of our service. Furthermore, we recieve and store certain personal data which are not traceable, passively stored with use of various technologies and currently cannot be used to identify particular user. This website may store,combine and use such information to track the number of users visiting the website, each allocated website within it, names of service provider domains of users and their interactions with our service. Moreover, under continuous effort to understand and help you better we may conduct research concerning user’s demographic data , their interests, behaviours based on given personal data and other information. The research can be parallely compared and analised collectively. We may share this untraceable data with associated subjects, representativess and business partners. Bare in mind that untraceable data cannot identify you personally. We may also reveal summarised (bulk) user statistics in order to introduce our services to present and future business partners and other third parties for other law compliant purposes.

How do we share this information

Under certain circumstances we may share your personal data to some third parties without notifiying you in prior :

  • In accordance to the law, as part of compliance to court orders or court decisions, also in order to enforce our rights or to protect against claims.
  • We may share information such as your name, surname, address, e-mail address and the record of all trasactions made via our website or offline, through our external advertising partners and service providers in order to provide you with appropriate advertising context while visiting certain websites. Our advertising partners will make sure that your personal data stays anonymous.
  • While we develop our undertaking we may sell or buy assets. In case of corporate sale, merging (fusion?), reorganization, termination or similar actions – your personal data shall become part of tranferred assets.
  • We may provide information about you to trusted third parties in order to develop quality of customer service

Cookies (file)

“Cookies” file is information which is sent to your internet browser by our server in the very moment of gaining access to service. Some of our services place “cookies” file in your internet browser to link your browser to a particular period of using application, so called “session’. In all cases, whn we use “cookies”, we shall not collect your personal data without your prior agreement. Most of internet brosers allow “cookies” file to be turned off , however some of our services require it to maintain proper functionality.

Navigational signals

navigational signals, known as monopixel GIFs, are little graphics with unique identification number, which are similar to “cookies” file and are used to trace user’s movement within the web. Unlike “cookies” they are not stored withing the computer’s hard drive and they remain invisible to internet browsers. They help us to manage our website’s contents in a better and more efficient way. We do not link information gathered by navigational signals with your personal data.


Security of your personal data is priority to us. When you send us personal data (e.g. Credit card number) we cypher it with the use of SSL technology. We abide by general trade standards in order to protect your personal data during transmission and afterwards. However, you need to be aware that neither internet transmission, nor electronic data storage methods are 100% safe. Even though, we try to use comercially acceptable ways to to store and protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee full protection of such information. If you have any questions or enquiries regarding security on our website, please contact us

Links to other websites

This website may contain links to other websites which are not our property and therefore are not controlled by us. You must be aware that we do not hold responsibility for privacy issues on those websites. This statement regarding privacy is only relevant to information collected by this website. We encourage you to stay alert while leaving our website and to read privacy policies of each individual website you visit. This privacy policy does not include any personal information which user reveals to such websites or to websites that collect such information. Privacy policy of those websites may significantly differ from our privacy policy. We do not hold responsibility for privacy policy of other websites and we cannot guarantee protection of any personal data collected by those websites. This website may allow publishing comments, reviews and other information within publically accessible areas of the website. All information published withon those areas will be accessible to all our users, therefore you need to remain cautious about revealing any personal data during publishing such comments, reviews or other information.

Exceptions to yellow Better privacy policy

This privacy policy has no use in unsolicited information which you transfer via website or any other way. It includes information published within public areas of this website, such as review sections and forums, ideas regarding new products or their modifications and unsolicited registrations. All unsolicited information shall be considerd non-confidential and we hold the right to duplicate, use, copy, reveal and distribute it without any restrictions.

International users

Almost like any website, this website is accessible international community. By visiting this website and transferring data to us, you acknowledge and agree that your personal data may be processed according to privacy policy of this website. Morover, such data may be stored in servers located outside your residential jurisdiction and within jurisdiction that may have lesser rigoristic practices regarding your personal data than you own. By transmitting your personal data you agree to transfer it.

Accessing and updating you personal data

You have the right to access, correct or delete personal data that you have transferred to us. You may update or correct your account information in any time. However, you need to remember that we may keep particular information in accordance to law or business purposes. We may also store your data in cache memory or archives for specified period of time.

Changes or modifications in privacy policy

we reserve the right to change this privacy policy in any moment without prior notification. Notification about any change will be published on this website. You are obliged to follow this website for any changes. Further use of website after implementing any changes or corrections means that you accept the terms of changed or updated privacy policy.


if you have any questions regarding use of our website our privacy policy, please contact us on:

the following privacy policy applies as of 18th May 2018.