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Yellow Better is a community created by representatives of different countries. People who want to meet in the virtual world to learn languages, exchange experiences and, first of all, learn about their cultures and habits.

Imagine that you decide how, where, when and most of all what you learn. There is no examiner standing over your shoulder. Nobody is questioning you and you can always rely on support.

And if you speak a language well – you can play the role of a teacher and help others.

This is the essence of all of Yellow Better. Learn through play and communing with the language, making friends with people from around the world.

Experience languages in an easy and pleasant way, embarking on a virtual journey to the places of which language and culture you want to learn about.

Check out the video below and learn about one of the many features of Yellow Better.

Our vision, or why was Yellow Better created?

Yellow Better is a response to the effect of continuous globalization, which could have been observed around the world for many years. Knowledge of languages becomes essential, whether in the case of willingness to work, study abroad or even travel.

Traditional methods of learning at school are not always effective, but most of all they do not teach a “living language” which the inhabitants of a given country use on a daily basis. Why would you memorize hundreds of words or learn dozens of grammatical tenses?


What really matters is the learning of a practical language that we actually want and can use.

The main goal of the Yellow Better platform is to bring together people from around the world who will be able to learn together. Not only gaining more and more skills in using foreign languages, but also by taking a kind of “travel” across given country – through contact with its representative.

The advantages of Yellow Better

Explore the benefits of participating in this revolutionary project.

How does it work?

How users will use the service.

Users can be divided into two basic groups: students and teachers.


As a student, you choose the language you want to study and then choose a teacher who will help you learn a language.

What is important– Your teacher will not only teach you how to use a given language, but you will also learn about culture, customs and maybe even the traditional cuisine of his country.


As a teacher, you define what language you want to teach. Then you wait for your student. If you “come to an agreement”- you can begin your teachings.

What is important – as a teacher, you have the chance not only to provide your student with practical knowledge about the language itself. You can also “infect” him with your culture and give valuable knowledge about the country you come from.

If you speak a language perfectly and at the same time you want to learn an additional one – you can be both, a student and a teacher simultaneously. Use your knowledge and teach others your language, culture and more at the same time. And you can also learn from the person whose language you want to study!

How will learning proceed? It depends only on the student and the teacher! You’ll adapt the way you teach and the time you decide to do it.


That’s how the service will earn for itself.

The implementation of the website, its development, all solutions as well as the promotion will be possible thanks to the funds obtained from the sale of tokens.

Blockchain in BetterPay

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What is Better Pay?

What gives a chance

of the profitability and stability of Yellow Better?

Why is it worth it?

It combines the advantages of the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook or Linkedin. At the same time, it gives its users an added value in the form of easy learning of any foreign language.
It is a project run by professionals in the fields of marketing, IT, investing and management. The combination of so abundant experiences guarantees that Yellow Better will succeed.
Both participants (students and teachers) as well as investors have access to full information on costs and profits that they can generate.
The project has been thoroughly developed, both in terms of content, technically and practically. The conceptual period was preceded by numerous studies and analyzes. There is no place for unnecessary risks or shortcomings.

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